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Focus Areas

  • Health Promotion:   Breast and cervical cancer in Hispanic women represent a serious health issue in El Paso and surrounding West Texas rural communities. Hispanic cancer-related disparities are largely due to lower screening rates, reflecting a need for programs delivering prevention education, screening, navigation, case management and patient support services to increase prevention.
    • Outreach & Education:   is accomplished primarily through the use of community education and outreach by bilingual Promotoras incorporating one-on-one and group education to inform the community at large about the importance of cancer prevention screening and service delivery to offer solutions for cancer screening and treatment to the uninsured, underserved women in our community. Promotoras presentations addressed basic knowledge of breast, cervical, HPV, colorectal, prostate, lung and testicular cancer and chronic disease self-management.
    • Cancer Screening & Diagnostic:   women in need of screening services are referred to community health centers partnering under our network delivery system to administer breast and cervical cancer screening services, such as CBEs, Mammogram, Ultrasound, Biopsies, Pap-Smears, and LEEP procedures.
    • Patient Navigation: to ensure that high risk women diagnosed with abnormal screening receive appropriate and timely access to care through our extensive referral network system with more than 100 public and private providers. Navigation activities include reminders, follow up of test results, and appointment scheduling.
    • Case Management: to assist patients overcome barriers to make their way through the medical system and help patients meet their needs during all phases of the cancer journey. Case Managers are responsible for identifying and accessing resources for cancer treatment regardless their ability to pay. The case manager facilitates the transition to treatment for women diagnosed with Breast and Cervical cancer and keeps track of the patient through the treatment process.
    • Patient Support:   Patient Support (active living and healthy lifestyles post treatment, survivorship group support and mental health for cancer survivors and caregivers.